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Re-Love Your Life

Everyone wants to escape sometimes usually for one of two reasons: trauma or boredom. But instead of turning everything upside down, why not re-Love your current life? Recognize that we don’t need to run away, to a place that we perceive as better because wherever we go, we take ourselves and remember if you aren’t happy where you are you aren’t going to be happy where you run to.

So take the time to figure out little ways to re-Love your life. Maybe for you it means:

• Creating a sanctuary in some unused space in your home and keep in mind it doesn’t have to be a big space; it can be a reading nook with a chair and floor lamp or a chaise in a corner where you can just close your eyes and breathe or lay back and put earphones on and listen to some music.

• Put aside some time where no one is allowed to bother you, including yourself, which means no multi-tasking, just do what you set out to do. For instance if you plan on listening to music do just that no listening to music and reading. One or the other. Immerse yourself in the experience and feel it.

• Write yourself a love letter, listing all those wonderful attributes you know to be true. And if you don’t yet know how great you are then write down what you want to be true of yourself like: how smart, fantabulous, funny, and joy-filled you are.

These are just suggestions. You can figure out ways to re-Love your life by asking yourself what do you really want and then listen. Whatever will make you smile and appreciate your existence is a way to re-Love your life.

Remember: The Universe delights in our actualization. ~Jeff Brown

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