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Mind Your Business

Prince is gone. Now everyone is speculating about how he died. I do realize there is a natural curiosity. But I think most want to know so they can separate themselves from his outcome and say to themselves, ‘Oh he had that’ or ‘He indulged in that behavior,’ or ‘I don’t take opiates’ or ‘I don’t engage in that kind of behavior’ blah, blah. What everyone forgets is no one is getting out of this tip alive. All our hearts will stop one day. Fact!

It doesn’t matter how he died. He is gone. And the world is dimmer. People need to get some business and mind it. Chase a dream. Live a dream. Find a dream. Be so wrapped up in your thang that when someone dies, celebrity or regular person, you just say ‘What a loss’ or ‘Sorry to hear this news.’

Do your thing, live your life and don’t get caught up in the gossip. It’s not hard. Okay, let me keep it real, it might be a little hard to stop participating in gossip but trust me you will feel better about yourself when you stop speculating about others. Get some business and mind it.

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Mind Your Own Business



Figure It Out

A song a day! 16 albums since 2000!

39 Albums in 35 years = 1.114 albums a year and that doesn’t include the compilation albums.

Who does that? Prince. Period.

One of a Kind. Never to be seen again. He has set the stage for the next One. Whose got next?

Genius. Phenomenal Instrumentalist. Songwriter. Amazing Singer. Bandleader. Dancer. Video Artist. Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness; sorry James Brown, ah but he did study James and Jimmy so I guess we can say he was their next.  Prince appears to have had no fear of being replicated. Everything that he allowed us to see says his experience was about being Prince.  He,

I believe was an emissary to the world. Not to sound too lofty because he wasn’t a God. But he was an expression of God. Like we all are. He just figured it out then he WORKED it and LIVED it.  That is a mighty, mighty message. So now you figure ‘it’ out and live ‘it,’ whatever your ‘it’ is. Go hard. Go strong.

Set your own standard then raise it.

Prince Rogers Nelson

1958 – 2016

WoW what a FABULOUS Dash!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Prince Umbrella


Do One Thing Today

Today’s Task is to do ONE thing that will move you closer to your Dreams! Make a phone call, do some research, ask for advice, write down a plan but do something! Just one thing! That’s not asking too much of yourself to move closer to your Dream Job, Life, Situation, etc.

One thing!

Just do it!

What will be your One thing today?

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Dreams don't work unless you do