Fall in Love with Yourself! Not ego love but appreciation love. Know that you are just fine the way you are. Know that learning to love you may take some time. Know that the world will make it hard because they are busy judging you, trying to show you the light, sharing unwanted advice, trying to actively make you feel bad about yourself, and trying to control you. And remember they do not love themselves; if they did they wouldn’t be worried about you or anything you do.

Get help if you can’t do it alone. Ask friends, family, and professionals. Feeling good about yourself leads to loving you. It is your duty to like and love yourself. Know that you are the perfect manifestation of God’s work. There is nothing wrong with you. We are all perfectly imperfect. Know this. Embrace this. Live this.

There is no one else on this planet like you.

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Self Love 2Loving ourselves Self-Love Love



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