FB post from Roland Martin, Reporter, TV Host, and Political Analyst

As I ride this train to NYC for a meeting with a media company CEO, a few thoughts come to mind that I think can help many of you who are at a crossroads.

Yesterday during our Q&A, @LupeFiasco said we can’t determine success to be based on who is a billionaire or millionaire.

One of the things that I’ve always found to be interesting is that too many of us are impressed by the largeness of the company on our business card as opposed to what we are doing. I said the same to @NABJ when I received my Journalist of the Year Award.

What we have to always focus on is what makes YOU happy. What brings YOU joy. How are YOU making a difference.

When I worked for @CNN for six years, I never thought it was better than @tvonetv @WVON1690 or @TJMShow. All gave me joy in their own separate way. When I was managing editor of the Dallas Weekly, Houston Defender and Chicago Defender, I never felt inadequate because it wasn’t the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle or Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. I LOVED what I was doing and who I was SERVING.

And this is what we should always focus on. In fact, what we are paid doesn’t bring us joy. You can make $100,000 on a job and be miserable!

My advice to any of you: focus on what you are doing. Focus on the work and the value it brings. And if that means walking away from what someone else thinks is the be all to end all, then that’s what you must do.

Being unfilled is to be miserable. It means your talents are going to waste and you are depriving yourself of joy. I don’t know who this was meant to help. I just hope it has. #rollinwithroland #rolandmartinunfiltered

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