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Living My Life in Quarters

Fourth quarter 2019 is the earliest date I can undertake a specific task. Seems so far off but in reality it will be here in no time since time flies.  But I do need distractions so the other night I decided I was going to map out the most important task I want to accomplish in the meantime and I hit upon the idea of mapping  it out in quarters.

Three-month planning of my time, I think, is less anxiety inducing, more big-picture thinking, which I try to utilize in my life but am not always successful at doing, and more long-game strategy.  To ensure this works I’m imposing hard deadlines, so whatever I have at the end of the quarter will be it. I know me and if I don’t impose that rule then my particular to-do will go on and on because I can be like that. I keeps it real with myself. And yes I meant to type ‘keeps.’

So starting this quarter, 3Q 2018, July, August, and September I’ve committed to:

  1. Completing my long overdue writing project and
  2. Getting pricing from an editor I want to work with.

Seems simple but did I mention I can be the Queen of Procrastination? Well I am. Just as I sit down to write suddenly anything and everything becomes more important and must be completed before the creative juices can properly flow.

Procrastination Muse Writing

Add to my predilection, yes I do enjoy doing nothing I really do, for procrastination my long overdue writing project has served as a sort of pacifier. It has allowed me to escape from life’s disturbances, serving as a storm cellar door that transports me to safety. But it’s time to let the project go and share it with the world, which will allow other projects to be unleashed, so I gotta stick a fork in this one.

I am off to start living my life in quarters. I am wishing myself peace, persistence, luck, and a whole bunch of stick-to-it-ness.

Quarterly calendar