Oncology Visit = Silver Lining

Today I had my monthly appointment with my oncologist. I’m on a monthly medication that costs $13k a month. Yes you read that right. Oh and the pills are for 21 days only. Take pills for 21 days, off for 7 days, go to office visit to get blood tested to make sure I can start new cycle. Then start all over again.

This is not a woe is me post.

This all about me finding my silver lining. I’ve always been that way. Faith-filled but doubtful too. Disclaimer: I don’t always find it but I’m always looking, which is proof to me that silver-lining-hunting is in my DNA.

Yes I have metastatic breast cancer. And I’m lucky. I have insurance. My meds are working. My healing team is great. My family is great. I don’t have the BRCA mutation. I don’t have Triple Negative breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is a chronic disease for me. I am good.

I’d always worried about the possibility of getting breast cancer because I found my first lump at 15. I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease, which means my boobies had non-cancerous changes that gave me lumpy breasts. I had my first lump removed at 15. Then at 19 I found a lump in each breast and had them removed.

I remember asking was this condition a precursor to breast cancer and was told no. That was the popular and scientific belief at the time. Now fibrocystic breast disease is considered a precursor to breast cancer.

So at 36 I was diagnosed with kinda sorta early stage breast cancer. I say kinda sorta because cancer was found in some of my lymph nodes as well, which dictated my treatment with chemo and radiation. The words early stage were comforting to me. I latched onto them like a tick and sucked all the comfort I could get out of them.

I did heavy duty treatment from January 1999 to June 1999 and celebrated my 37th birthday in July 1999. I have never bemoaned one Birthday since 1999. I couldn’t wait to turn 40 and then 50. I’m 56 and looking forward to 60 and as many more Borndays MotherGod sees fit to bestow upon me.

This post was the result of me reading about a 25 year who had a prophylactic   mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. The young woman tested positive for the BRCA mutation which means she has a 84% chance of developing breast cancer as well as other forms of cancer. I don’t have to deal with those issues. I’m good.

Always look for the silver lining.


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