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Abracadabra: I Create as I Speak

Put your intentions along with your hard work out into the Universe and doors will open for you. I can attest to that. Many irons in the fire will manifest your desires in such a way that you will be presented with many choices. Ask and you will receive. Yes! Abracadabra! But not abracadabra in the usual magician trick way most of us are familiar with. Abracadabra literally means I create as I speak. So speak only the best of yourself, your intentions and your dreams.

Keep acquiring new skills and if you can’t afford to get new skills via schooling or training then take a long hard look at what you do and how you do it. You will see that you are good at something. Then you go on and bring that skill forward, raise it up and call yourself an expert at ‘that.’ Add it to your mental resume; better yet add it to your actual resume. You don’t have to hand it out but we all should create a resume composed of what you are good at.

Speaking of resumes I recently interviewed for the perfect long-term gig for me and when I got home I put it on my resume like I already had the job and forgot about it. After about a week when I hadn’t heard anything from the agency I sent an email and was directed by my contact to speak with her co-partner on the team that handled the account. Before I could call him, he called me and I got the job!

This is no magic trick. I allowed my spirit to guide me. I trusted that what was for my highest good would manifest. I put my energy on an outcome I wanted and then released it. By being open to the very real possibility of getting that job (any job) I opened myself to whatever the Universe had in store for me. So much so, that if I hadn’t gotten the assignment I would have been okay; because I knew that something that matched my desires and best interests would come along.

Don’t let the world tell you what you are qualified for. You tell the world with your behavior, confidence and attitude. Decide what you want, add to your skill set, trust yourself and do your thang! And remember things will not happen overnight there are no tricks. Abracadabra, I create as I speak!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016