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Helping Others Helps You

I’m busy working on my creating my own job since society doesn’t seem to have the right one for me. And to that goal, I’m constantly adding new pieces to my personal Jenga. I’m making sure the foundation and supporting thingamajigs, widgets and doohickeys are solid so if one piece is removed I won’t completely crumble.

One of the thingamabobs for me is helping others. Any way I can assist others I will because it can’t be all about me to the exclusion of others. Sharing my gifts and skills centers me. Helping others plants new seeds, ideas and opens new ways of thinking. Supporting others really helps me.

Lend a hand when the opportunity presents itself.

Hope this information helps you!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Helping other achieve their dreams will achieve yours

We rise by lifting others Robert Ingersoll