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Your Plan Must Take Precedence

Always stick to your Plan/Life Strategy which should be made up of steps to get you down the road to your dream life. When I say dream life I am not talking about what society says is successful; I am talking about what you think is successful.

Knowing what type of life you want is key to mapping out how you get there which includes how you will earn a living and what you will do to open your soul up to your divine calling. Now don’t get all itchy and stressed because what I am talking about does not entail you embarking on some detail oriented step-by-step, day-by-day, hour-by-hour bunch of sheets of paper then placed in a calendar and/or planner.

I’m a simple kind of woman; I don’t wear fuss well and most important: I am kinda lazy. I’m talking about getting real with yourself by clearing your head and really contemplating what you want in and out of Life. And when you decide stand by your goals, dreams and decisions. Always. You will make adjustments and compromise along the way to your ‘thang’ but any fine-tuning or modifications should never lead you to put someone else’s plan ahead of yours. Never!

Example: I very recently working as a temp for a small company and knew the position could turn into a permanent position. I told the agency that was not a possibility for me and they were cool with that and we settled on my seeing the job as a long-term gig; without telling the company.

So I was there for about 3 weeks doing what they wanted and getting along with everyone. I knew all along I would be leaving by the first week of May to attend a writing residency, which the agency didn’t know about because that is what I need to do to live life the way I want to. And to that end, part of my Plan was to tell the company and agency around the 2nd week of April. Well lo and behold last night after work I got a call from my agency that the assignment had ended.

I didn’t take it personal. I didn’t get mad. I did say out loud, ‘I am trusting, you God. Thank you for this moment.’ I was giddy with the truth of my words. I was okay with their decision because I never stopped working my Plan which did not rely on anything they did or didn’t do.

I share this story to show how your Plan/Life Strategy must always take precedence because other people’s plans will always be the most important thing to them. I also share this story to tell you to be okay with your decisions. No one else has to understand or agree with what you decide or do because it’s your plan/life strategy. Stand in it and live it.

It is easy to stay safe, cocooned and secure in your comfort zone but to live the life you really want you must trust, believe and step out. Keep moving forward. Keep doing what you need to do in order to one day do what you want to do!

Rock On People!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016