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Overcome the Need to be Perfect by Terri Cole

Do you tell yourself that once you lose the twenty pounds you’ll be ready to dive into the dating pool?

What level of success do you think you need to reach before you are worthy of being loved?

Are you harsh and critical of yourself and others for any small mistake?

Perfectionism not only causes you stress and unnecessary anxiety from this perceived need to always “get it right,” it actually prevents you from moving forward in your life and your relationships.

The need to be perfect can be a result of an array of dysfunctional childhood experiences. This creates a fear of failure, which can make you extremely sensitive to any criticism, causing people to tip-toe around you and preventing them from communicating honestly with you.

You can’t share yourself authentically if you are always adapting your behavior to please others so they won’t reject you. So rather than looking at perfectionism as a synonym for success, let’s see it for what it truly is: a roadblock on your journey to real love, with yourself and with others.

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