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Be You!

Be You!

In a world that tells people what they should look like, how they should act, and what they should do; it is revolutionary when you do you. You gotta do it, this thing called life, your way. Listen to your heart, soul, and spirit. Follow your dreams and desires. Wear that outfit you always wanted to. Dye your hair ‘that’ color. Take a vacation by yourself. Stop going to the club since you were never a partier. Find out what you really like and do it.  Take that acting class. Write that poem. Surf that wave. Write that novel. Do it. Do you. Find comfort in your own skin with your own company.

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Do You Urban Livin


Love Your People

Time passes so quickly and the person we thought we would never lose is suddenly gone. And by suddenly I mean here one day gone the next. Shit if truth be told it is really here one second gone the next. Whether they died from an illness or in a sudden occurrence; when they leave we are in shock that a living, breathing person is no longer in their body, talking, laughing, crying and communicating with us.

Where did they go? I believe their Spirit has left their body. But where did they go? Are they a miraculous substance, entity or stars floating out beyond our grasp? Will I see them again? I am so confused (and that is confused with a whole bunch of Os) sometimes because I only know the physicality of another person.

But I do believe in Spirit. And yet I have asked where does the Spirit begin and the body separate? For me it’s all intertwined like macramé with primary and secondary knots, which is a lot to ponder; at least for me. Sometimes I get all twisted up by it. And my inability to find a satisfying answer makes me mad. Sometimes. The other times I am stilled and comforted by my Faith that I will see them again. I am grateful for my Faith.

If someone you love does something that gets on your nerves, tell them and then tell them you still love them. We can love and be irritated by our folks. Life is short. And while we get so worked up physically and spiritually by that thing, know this: that intolerable thing will be the one you miss the most. You will romanticize that thing the most after they are gone. You will crave that annoying trait. You will say I would give anything to hear them say: shut up, be quiet, go-away, you’re so stupid (insert whatever irritates you here) one more time.

If it really bothers you tell them. If they don’t stop figure out a way to change your reaction. Hey you might learn something about yourself – like why it bothers you so much. Either way let it go. Figure it out. Forgive them. Love. And cherish every moment you have with your people.

Remember: Here one second gone the next.

When it happens your life will never be the same again. You can’t defuse that bomb. Don’t wait for a can’t-turn-back-the-clock moment to love more. Do it now.