Monthly Archives: February 2018

Portion Control

It’s time to clean my palate, refresh my nose, and wash the madness out of my hair. Yes, yes, yall. I’ve been decreasing my intake of political news. I’m a MSNBC addict. Yes I am. But it is better for me to limit my intake. Portion control is the solution.

The daily barrage of news and breaking events spewing from my HD television screen is polluting my spirit and outlook. I had to put a stop to it. I had to also stop sharing the madness via my Facebook posts. Portion control works both ways: intake and sharing.

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of something you don’t see the full buffet of madness you are taking in. So I’m cleaning out my DVR, watching some new shows, going to the movies, trying ne restaurants, and most important finishing my long-way-long-overdue novel.

I’m sleeping better and feeling lighter. Yes, yes yall portion control is the way to go.


Each day do something, anything that moves you forward. I’m not talking about some huge ridiculous move. I’m not talking some Bauce (boss), Black Girl Magic (insert your identification here), I am woman here me roar move. Nah and nope. I’m talking something. I talking anything. I’m talking about sorting and donating your shoes to make room in your closet and life for new shit and blessings. Simple.