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No More Jill-ing = Getting Out of My Way

It is so easy for me to be distracted and procrastinate when I am feeling like Warrior Woman; when I am roaring, multi-tasking, doing it all, being a Jill-of-all-trades and a master of none. We have been told that we can have it all and do it all. But I have been on this life journey enough to know that we can’t.

I want to do it all. Write that novel, life-coach, make a film, you get the picture, but I’ve come to realize that I might not be able to do it all. I can do a little of each or a lot of one. I must decide to get out of my way by making a decision to devote myself to the one channel and outlet that will allow me to flourish and surge.

I must decide where my energies are best spent. Being a Jill-of-all-trades and multi-tasking diminishes my abilities and weakens my output. There is no reward in sharing watered-down creations.  If there is only one great work in me then I must allow it to pass through me. It is my duty as a being to sweep away all the obstacles that prevent my gifts from manifesting.

I must master one craft. For me that is writing; telling my stories.  I don’t need to learn how to film them. I need to write them. I don’t need to learn how to produce them. I need to create the best characters along with their truths. Just write, write and write again.

Yes, I need to get out of my way. Forgive myself when I revert back to Jill-ing and praise myself when I focus and get out of my way.

Valerie Lee – © 2016

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