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Getting Real with Yourself

We must tell ourselves the truth Panache Desai Get Real with Yourself

Are you being honest about what you really want and need? – Panache Desai

How many of us are honest with ourselves?  Have you asked yourself: What do I really, really want? What do I need? Why am I not getting what I want and/or need? Am I blaming someone else when it really is up to me?  Am I afraid of what I want? What I desire? Am I worried about what others will think about my wants and needs?

Two other good questions to ask are: What is not asking, answering and acting on my own desires doing to me? How is denial of what I really, really want affecting me and my life?

We each need to keep it 100% real with ourselves because we only come this way once and to leave this particular experience of existence without doing, feeling and saying what you want is a terrible thing; a terrible waste of your magnificence.  Do you hide your magnificence under a rock because you’re afraid it will alienate others? Are you worried about others asking: who do you think you are? Or are we afraid of what we want? What we desire?

Read a book, take a class, find a supportive village, nurture your dreams, get some coaching, do whatever it takes to figure out what you want and need. Get real with yourself. Unearth what is buried deep in your soul.

I ask people all the time if you were guaranteed success what would you do? Answer that question then do it! Live out loud doing whatever you want. Just live, love and laugh. Those are my words. Find your words and fill them in: Just_____, ______ and _______.  Do it!

Put yourself first. Prioritize you. I’m not saying don’t help others. What I am saying is: get to work on YOUR stuff, dreams and desires. Then once you are fulfilled, filled up, bursting at the seams and overflowing with your own brilliance & gloriousness you can then help others but never, ever help others first. You owe it to yourself.

Tell yourself the truth! Face it! Love it! Live it!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016