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Own That Decolonized Original Beauty

Be proud of those fat, pencil thin, full lips. Flaunt that dark, light, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, ebony, butterscotch, onyx, redbone, dark coffee, café au lait, cherry brown, light-bright-damn-near-white shade of melanin the Creator dipped you in.

Rock that bald, 3abc, 4abc, nappy, straight, curly, wavy, afro, permed, twisted, knotted, braided, corn-rolled, baby thin, thick as a bush natural crown the Creator plopped on your head. Bow down to your voluptuous, narrow, thick, skinny minny, plump, corn-fed, hips that God attached to your body.

Worship that flat, round, pudgy, not flat, firm, tight, soft, belly pouch that the Creator molded onto your frame. Caress those loose, kinda firm, Michele Obama-like, arms that God attached to your body. Shake that firm, jiggly, flat, Baartman, apple-bottom behind that the Creator saw fit to gift to you.

Love it, uplift it, prance it, but never, ever hide your beauty. Pay no mind to those who will say that you are cute/pretty/beautiful for a  (insert whatever you are). You are cute/pretty/beautiful because you are a  (insert whatever you are). You are original and so is your beauty. You.Are.Original!

Colonization has no place in your beauty arsenal. People pay for what you have. Then they want to say it looks better on them. It doesn’t. Rock yours. Never let anyone say what’s old to you and yours is new because they just found it. Nah, we are not having any of that.

Decolonized Original Beauty is what you represent. Walk proud. Accept what you got at birth. No backseat for your blend of beauty. No apologies. No hiding. No blending in. All those shades of melanin need to pop like the inside of a paint factory. Rock it. Wear it. Share it. No hiding. Nah, we are not having any of that.

Bright, Light, Brown, Beige, Black, Midnight and all the shades in between have been kissed by God. Kiss the world back by owning your beauty!

(c) Valerie Lee 2016

Full lips

Shades of Melanin Women

Essie Golden Full Figured Beauty

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Albino Woman and Child